Working as one of us – FAQ

Recently we have been asked questions about our job offers, about conditions, about pre-requisites and others. Which is why we want to make available the information to all of you.

If we have not provided you with all the information needed to join our team, please contact us for further questions. Write an email, join our IRC-channel, or via Twitter @geekspace9. (Please feel free to contact us via PM on any channel. I’m providing team-contact here so that your questions will be answered even if one of us is not available like in part-time or vacation.)

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Why would I want to work for GS9?

We develop digital products and services. Our teams work according to the guidelines of the agile manifesto and the lean management concept.

Intrinsic motivation as the key to success: People are our focus and development is our passion.

We would be lying if we said that the commercial success of our company is not important to us. In fact, however, the company was born from the realization that we have a passion that is not equally accessible to all people. And that we can help to lead other people’s goals to success with our acquired knowledge.

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Are you only looking for permanent employees?

We also work with freelancers for many projects. Please ask if this is possible for the specific position, as it depends on the current project (our own, or client’s project, which client etc.).

Are you only looking for full-time employees or is part-time possible as well?

Both are possible. Some of our team are working 40 hours, others less e.g. 25 hours, and all are able to adjust hours / days very flexible to family, day-care, holidays, etc.

Is this a remote work opportunity? Or do I have to be in Germany for this?

Yes, we are open for complete remote work 😊 and have a #remotefirst policy.

Do I need to speak German to work at Geek Space 9?

“You’re fluent in English (C1 or better) OR German” is one of our requirements, we see German as an optional plus. Depending on projects some clients might require you to speak German. So if we’re enlarging our team due to long-term customer projects, it might be a requirement for some jobs (in this case, you find the requirement in the job profile).

Do I need a German work permit (even for a fully remote job)?

What about overtime / extra hours / Crunch?

At Geek Space 9, we have zero overtime tolerance. Unfortunately, we (forgot) to include the “no overtime policy” in our job postings. (“Forgot”, because shouldn’t that go without saying?)

Asked if overtime is positive or negative, Marco, one of our bosses, states: “They suck life and creativity out of my team. That’s why we have a no overtime policy but flexible working hours. And from there, if it happens 1 or 2 times a year, then it’s a good occasion to research how it happened.”

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Want to work on meaningful things and get appreciation for it?

We are always looking for new team members, feel free to get in touch anytime. Which skills are we looking for? Please go to our job page