Why we <3 to work at Geek Space 9

tl;dr: Intrinsic motivation as the key to success: People are our focus and development is our passion. <3

We develop digital products and services. Our teams work according to the guidelines of the agile manifesto and the lean management concept.

We identify the needs of our customers, optimize processes and translate them into digital solutions. In this way, we enable a successful future for them.

We don’t (just) face tasks every day, but are happy to apply what we have learned. Learning from each other and together, we grow together. We are happy about new colleagues, because everyone enriches our team (not only with IT-skills, but especially as a new character, which makes our team better and more colorful), and we are happy about colleagues who stay for a long time. And if one of them moves on, this has not only resulted in contacts to the world, which we maintain and are always happy to see again.

Passion for customer success
We’d be lying if we said we didn’t care about the financial success of our company. In fact, however, the company was born out of the realization that we have a passion that is not equally available to everyone. And that we can help use our acquired knowledge to make other people’s goals a success.

Our fun in problem solving
Our team-immanent common passion is developing. We don’t just see it as a necessity, but enjoy tackling digital issues together, solving problems, overcoming challenges and breaking new ground.

Customers as stakeholders
Our motivation is not just to serve customers a solution to their problem, but to think it through and understand it together with them from start to finish. That is why we integrate customers as POs in our team for every project. Close cooperation and fixed daily meeting times ensure not only flexibility and agility within our projects, but also working on an equal footing and mutual understanding.

Our values
True to the agile manifesto, our development methods are guided by the following set of values:

  • The ultimate goal is the early and continuous delivery of high quality and functioning software within the least possible time.
  • Changing requirements are welcome in every development phase, because agile processes translate changing requirements into competitive advantages for the customer.
  • Close collaboration and communication between the client, subject matter experts, and developers is essential. Direct communication is the most efficient and effective way to retrieve and convey information.
  • We build projects around motivated individuals. We give them the environment and support they need and trust them to get the job done.
  • A constant focus on technical excellence and good design, as well as vigilance to the latest developments in these areas, promotes agility.
  • Simplicity is the art of minimizing the amount of work steps that are not needed and is a fundamental requirement for delivering functional software in the least amount of time possible.
  • Self-organized agile teams create the most relevant requirements and find the best solutions for architecture and designs.
  • Agile teams reflect at regular intervals on how they can become more effective, align themselves, and adjust their behavior accordingly. This minimizes errors and risks throughout the project phase.

At the moment, we are sad to see a colleague leave us who joined us right after university more than 5 years ago. But we are also happy for him because he is moving out into the big wide world and joining an exciting young company. Good luck and a good start in your new job!

Join our team! We are always curious for new colleagues <3 go to gs-9.com/jobs