What the ��� Is Fuzzing

Go 1.18 introduced a number of changes, but the much-anticipated introduction of generics to the language stole the spotlight. Since the release, many people have been talking about generics and when to use them, but 1.18 also introduced native support for fuzzing to the go ecosystem which isn’t getting quite as much attention. Fuzzing is an interesting concept and Go the first language to support it natively, so let’s take a look at what this fuzzing thing is and what it can do for us! [Read More]

Channels in Go

It’s been some time since I’ve been using Go as the main language for backend development. Whenever I meet someone and they ask me what is the special thing about Go? I always have many things to say about that and definitely channels is among them. So if you’re like me, who started multithreaded programming in C or any other language, and know how tricky it can be to communicate and synchronise between the threads for writing concurrent programs using sockets, pipes, and mutexes, you’re in for a treat 😍 [Read More]